Bburago GoGears Super Spin Speedway Track Set

Just pull back the GoGears included car to supercharge its high torque motor and then release it down the track. The car will fly down the straight and up the ramp at a scale speed of over 200mph before entering the super spin tunnel and completing a series of the loop-the-loops until it reaches the exit ramp. It races around the tunnel section so fast, it's hard to count how many loops it manages!

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PRODUCT CODE : 18-30286

Bburago GoGears Rollin Coaster Highway Playset

A set of "double loop" on a single-track! With two loops and high-speed turns to race on and a fast accelerating pull back car included with  trigger mechanism as well as additional accessories included in the play set. The car can not only accelerate in the loop, but also to slip through the gate in the wall, bouncing on the trampoline! Flying along the paths of the track, cars accelerate to a scale speed of 322 km/h, as well as doing 360 degree flips.

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PRODUCT CODE : 18-30285

Bburago GoGears Dual Daredevil Raceway Playset

Game set exciting race of the series GoGears - this is the most incredible game set, where each of the two racing cars are capable of reaching a scale speed of over 200mph. GoGears begins at the start of its lane, passing through its own loop-flip 360 degrees, climbing tracks, sliding down and overpassing to reach first to the finish line and win!

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PRODUCT CODE : 18-30262

Bburago GoGears  Super Speed Loop Track set

Now do loops like never before with your GoGear pull back cars, accelerating to scale speeds of 322 kmph, blazing through ds, flying into the Loop,  G-Forces keeps the cars nailed to the tracks while upside down  before safely on the exit ramp

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PRODUCT CODE : 18-30278

Bburago GoGears Ferrari Track set

The Bburago Go Gears Ferrari set has a racing surface well suited for sports cars and what can be better than a Pull-back GoGears Ferrari screeching at a scale speed of 322 km/h. This racetrack will provide the adrenaline rush and the opportunity to engage in real competition. It has two loops to make the race more extreme.

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PRODUCT CODE : 18:31301

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